Editing Services

For all queries please email elspeth.lamorte@gmail.com with the subject line Editing Query, and include in the body of the email a brief (two or three sentences at most) description of the project, including the word count and the type of editing treatment you are looking for.

Accepted Work
I will critique young adult fiction of any genre, as well as speculative fiction for any target audience with a particular focus on fantasy though I will accept science-fiction of most sub-genres.

None of the services that I offer include sensitivity reading.

Prices & Types of Critique
I offer three types of editing;

For a standard edit I’ll read your complete or partial manuscript and return with a single page critique that addresses the weaknesses and strengths that I have noted in your work. For this tier I charge $8AUD/$10USD per 5k with a minimum of 10k words and a surcharge of $2USD for every 10k over 100k (making the first 100k words $10 every 10k and subsequent 10k blocks $12).

Line Edit
For this tier, I will do a line by line edit of your manuscript using track change as well as providing the one-page critique described in the above tier. The price for this tier is $12AUD per 5k words for a novel, and $40AUD for completed stories under 20k.

Short Stories
Any work less than 10k words in length can be negotiated for a more suitable price. Please get in contact to discuss.

Payment via PayPal.

Clients outside of Australia are welcome but only works in English are accepted.