Editing Services

For all queries please email elspeth.lamorte@gmail.com with the subject line Editing Query, and include in the body of the email a brief (two or three sentences at most) description of the project, including the word count and the type of editing treatment you are looking for.

Level 1 – assessment of narrative, structure, characters, pacing. No detailed edits but will provide comprehensive assessment of entire work and help identify any glaring faults. 

Price per 5k words: $8AUD/$5USD

Flat price for works under 8k: $15AUD/$10USD

Projected turnaround: 2-3 weeks. 

Level 2 – assessment of narrative and detailed edits using track change. Will offer suggestions to improve sentence structure, narrative flow, and related smaller details.

Price per 5k words: $15AUD/$10USD

Flat price for works under 10k: $25AUD/$15USD

Projected turnaround: 4-6 weeks. 

Clients outside of Australia are welcome but only works in English are accepted. Payment must be via Paypal and minimumm 25% of the payment will be requested upfront.