Meme Finale: For the Love of Books

As I write this it's a slightly chilly but mostly sunny Tuesday morning, I'm sitting in my usual study space at my University and I'm tearing my hair out (metaphorically) over a round of edits on my thesis. A round of edits that have taken precedence over things like... my All Day YA wrap-up. So… Continue reading Meme Finale: For the Love of Books

#SWF2018 Part One

Another year, another writer's festival, and this year we've seen a change of scenery as the Sydney Writer's Festival has been shifted from its usual perch in Walsh Bay to the recently renovated Carriageworks and Seymour Centre for the majority of panels. As I went to approximately nine panels across the week I'm going to… Continue reading #SWF2018 Part One

Short Story: Swallow

The strangest thing about the end of the world was the way in which the stars became brighter. It made sense of course, without electricity to power the cities there was nothing to create the masses of light pollution that had obscured the sky. Now, the monsters were illuminated from above, and they could only… Continue reading Short Story: Swallow