Meme Finale: For the Love of Books

As I write this it’s a slightly chilly but mostly sunny Tuesday morning, I’m sitting in my usual study space at my University and I’m tearing my hair out (metaphorically) over a round of edits on my thesis. A round of edits that have taken precedence over things like… my All Day YA wrap-up. So this is not that.

Instead, this is the compilation of a thread of book recommendations/books I love that I posted on Twitter in response to a meme started by Natasha of @catspaperbacks inviting a title in exchange for a ‘like’ on a particular tweet.

At the time of writing this 29 titles had been requested from me, and here they are with Twitter appropriate reviews and summaries (and emojis because I had fun with that).

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Now that I’ve provided something resembling content… it’s back to work for this academic.

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